IMG_1258.JPGBronze I made at Pelham Hall Sculpture Studio, (Morley College) Lambeth Walk in London.

As I developed the piece, based on a dream featuring strange, equine creatures, I become aware of how I am slightly repelled by the idea of a horse’s mouth and nose parts perhaps through conditioning or genetic imprinting – I subconsciously judge them to be unclean in some way. This led me to ponder how normally, I turn away from what I perceive to be ‘unpleasant’ but if I accept my judgement as just another ‘thought-form’ – instead of being enslaved by it, I’m set free to perceive true beauty in everything

I found the development of the idea and the whole foundry experience to be an amazing metaphor revealing the great beauty of life and for me, the end result encapsulates that insight.


Ideas for a BRONZE

IMG_1113Ideas for a bronze – the shape was inspired by the┬áhorse’s flayed nostrils I have explored in other sketches. I wanted to capture the bright smooth edges and the sensual, tacktile feel of the tear-drop shapes. This might work well as bronze sculpture.